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When a travelling monk is stranded in a wasteland, The Monkey King must escort him across the land to retrieve sacred scriptures and protect him from an evil demon.

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The Monkey King the Legend Begins (2016)

a Filmko Films Production Limited and Filmko Pictures Production in China and Hong Kong

STARS Aaron Kwok Li Gong Shaofeng Feng Xiao Shen-Yang Chung Him Law Fei Xiang Kelly Chen Giselle Chia John Ching Chutian Liu Miya Muqi Eddie Peng Xi'er Qi Ngawang Rinchen Lu Wei

Action | Adventure | Fantasy

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I know the Monkey King is a huge thing in China. I herd about it before and have see the American adaption, the Forbidden Kingdom, with Jet Li as the Monkey king.

This movie was visually bad ass. I loved the design of the title character. All the CGI actually worked to make the movie feel very big and very epic. It makes me wish it was released in IMAX here in the States, not just in 3D. The final battle in the movie was mind blowing.

But I just did not get into the tale of the Monkey King. I don't know why this story is so popular and the movie did nothing to change this thought. It was suppose to be funny in certain places, but I did not get it and it just seem that a lot of things were happen just to produce a cool special effect for it, not to drive any story.

It was fun to look at but not the most compelling story, speaking as someone unfamiliar with the story being told